kalanidhi sangeetIntroduction

kalanidhi indira sangeet mahavidyalaya      The very ancient traditional, folk and classical Music is living heritage of Nepal .The traditional of Music education in Nepal is Quite long as Guru Sisya Parampara ( teaching and learning traditional, folk and classical music).In 1963 (Kartik 2020 B.S.) some music lovers from Jhochhen Tale Kathmandu established Kalanidhi Sangeet Mahavidhyalaya,music college to contribute to the proliferation and development of music in Nepal. the establishment of this college marks the beginning of the institutional development of Music education in Nepal. this college has been renamed as Kalanidhi Indira Sangeet Mahavidhylaya KISM in 1963 (2025 B.C.)This College is acknowiedged and accreditated by Bhat Khande Sangeet M.V.in Lucknow, India and by Prayag Sanggeet Samiti in Allahabad India. Late sir Pandit Ranga Rao Kabambari was the first prist principal of the college. Subsequent principals are Late pt.Ganesh B.Bhandadri and Sangeet pravin Sir Nar Raj Dhakal and sir Mohan pd. Joshi.  

kalanidhi sangeetBackground

             KISM is the foremost and oldest non oldest governmental and non-profit making institute of theism kind purely dedicated to the development of Music in Nepal to impart classical music education and to produce competent Music Artist (Professional and Academic).

Since its establishment the KISM has to deal with many difficulties and problems. Even though one can say that the college has not been able to achieve all its objectives over the years, KISM has played an important role in the development of music in Nepal. Music graduates from KIMS are active with Radio Nepal , Nepal Television ,Royal Nepal Academy, Colleges, Schools Hotels Restaurants and casino, ghazal bars,etc..To date over 2000 student have been trained and famous Nepali Musicians have passed from KISM and every year over 300 students on average were enrolled for the exam from first year to sixth year. In the College`s early years, lack of facilities and funding KISM executives moved the college from Jhochhen to Tahiti to Bhodtahiti and tried to hold regular classes and ecams.Music students were undertaking classes in this very unstable situation . For some year it was forced to remain closed due to lack of fund place to undertake music classes .

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